Q. Is this a class where moms can meet and walk through the park together?

A: Yes, and no. Mom, Body & Stroll classes are a great way to meet other moms, but it’s NOT just a walk in the park! Our classes begin with a warm-up and continue with about 50-minutes of cardio and strength training, alternating between moving with the stroller and ‘power’ stops to work with weights to work your entire body – head to toe! All of our fitness instructors are Certified Personal Trainers, so you will receive one-on-one attention in a group setting to ensure each work out is a challenging and beneficial one!

Q. Are your fitness instructors certified?

A: Absolutely!! All of our instructors are minimally Certified Personal Trainers by one or more of the nationally recognized fitness councils. Our instructors have chosen to further their knowledge with additional certifications, including but not limited to Strollercize, Pre- and Post-natal fitness, Spinning, Child and Infant CPR (with AED). These certifications prove that we are serious about what we do and offer only the highest and most knowledgeable level of fitness conditioning! We are constantly attending seminars, taking courses and learning new and exciting movements in the fitness industry so we can stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing fitness world.

Q: Can I just show up for class when I’m ready to start?

A: No. You must pre-register prior to beginning your first class. You can pre-register via email (mombodystroll@gmail.com) or by phone (516) 754-1857. We will email you the appropriate forms and will schedule your first trial class. All participants must submit their paperwork prior to participating in their first class; otherwise we can’t allow you to participate (our lawyers made us say that).

Q. Do I have to have a jogging stroller to participate in this class?

A: No, but we do recommend you have a sturdy stroller since we do bring them up on grass and over some gravel along the way.

Q: What happens if it rains the day of a scheduled class?

A: Kids love rain – all the more reason to play outside on days like this! If it’s slightly drizzling, we’ll continue with our class outdoors (please dress accordingly and bring a plastic garbage bag to place under your towel/mat) and modify the class to keep you as dry and warm as possible. If it’s a complete downpour, please check the website and email for class cancellations. If you’re unsure, please call your instructor to confirm the class is still on for the day. All weather updates will be posted on the main page www.mombodystroll.com prior to 8 am on the day of class.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Dress appropriately and comfortably, according to the weather. In cooler weather, we recommend layers that you can shed as your body begins to warm with the workout. We also recommend a good, supportive sports bra (those designed for nursing mothers are available) my personal favorite is www.movingcomfort.com and running or cross-training shoes. Remember your hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, too, for you and your child on sunny days.

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: You’ll definitely need to pay for onetime initiation fee which will include the equipment we will be using and bring it to every class. The package will include a set of 1 lb. hand weights (2 lbs or 3lbs for our more ‘athletic’ mommies), bands, water bottle and a yoga mat . We also recommend the following for you & your child: Plenty of water and anything appropriate for the weather (sun block, hat, sunglasses, sweater, extra blanket, rain coat & plastic garbage bag for rainy days). For your child: A bottle or snacks, juice, small toys, a hat, and weather appropriate clothing.

Q: Should I eat before class?

A: We recommend you eat breakfast the morning of class about an hour or so beforehand (especially if you’re nursing).

Q: What if it gets too hot?

A: Luckily most of our classes are offered in the morning when it’s not too hot, but on hotter days, if your stroller is dark, you may want to line it with a light-colored blanket or towel. Portable, clip-on fans are available at most discount stores and may be clipped onto stroller canopies, out of reach of your child. Remember, though, you’re the one exerting yourself – babies may get warm, but they’re pretty much along for the ride and get the benefit of a breeze, as well! We find shade as much as possible, take plenty of water breaks, and will tailor the class to what the day presents us with. You may want to bring an electrolyte replacement beverage on the hotter days, such as Gatorade, but it’s up to you.

Q: Can I bring a friend (or my mom, sister, husband, etc)?

A: Absolutely!! We highly encourage you to invite someone to come with you; they don’t need to have a baby or a stroller – they’ll still get a great workout and you’ll have an extra person to help motivate you! Normal Mom, body & stroll prices apply for everyone except your husband or partner. They can accompany you for a free workout.

Q: What happens in the Winter?

A: A mother’s job doesn’t stop in the winter, so why should we? During the Winter months (November through March) we workout outdoors! Fresh air is great for everyone.

Q: What are the membership options?

A: You can find a listing of our class package options on our Rates & Packages page on our website.


Q: What happens if my baby cries or throws a temper tantrum??

A: We love kids, even when they cry! EVERY kids throws a tantrum from time to time! It’s part of their normal development! Because we are mothers ourselves we understand kids aren’t always perfect, so tend to your child for as little or as long as you need and join us once everyone’s happy. We usually have a few extra toys on-hand, so please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. Trust us, it won’t be an interruption or an embarrassment!

Q: What if I need to feed my baby during class?

A: Hey, we’re moms, too, so it’s A-OK! There are plenty of places to stop along the way for a quick feeding and we don’t stray too far from the path so you can easily catch up when you’re ready.

Q: What’s the oldest child I can bring with me??

A: There is no limit as to the age of your child! If your child is too big for a stroller, just bring a bike or scooter (for the outdoor classes) and they stroll right along with us! If your child enjoys being with you, and doesn’t mind that we work work out along side them, he or she is welcome in our class! 🙂 Just be prepared for a more intense workout thanks to the extra weight you’ll be pushing and pulling especially if you have a child in a stroller and one on a bike or scouter.

Q: Is there a limit to how many kids I can bring? The Octo-mom’s got nothing on me.

A: If you’ve got as many as Octo-mom, chances are you really have your hands full. As long as you feel you’ll be able to dedicate your attention to getting a workout and not having to tend to all 16 of your children, bring ’em along! But seriously, most moms have one, two and even three children, so if you have the dedication to work out with your crew, we have no limits to the amount of children you can bring. Just keep in mind, we don’t have a baby-sitter onsite, so please be respectful of your fellow fit-mommies and do what you think is best.


Q: What if I’m pregnant??

A: Listen to your body and your doctor. These classes are safe for all stages of pregnancy, even all the way up through your due date. We are trained to offer safe and gentle modifications to accommodate your needs. A Medical Clearance Form is required if you are currently pregnant. We recommend you talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Q: I just had a baby and would like to start in your classes – what’s the soonest I can start?

A: You may participate in Mom, body & Stroll classes after your six-week postpartum check-up, or once your doctor or midwife has given you clearance to return to exercise. Please bring the Medical Clearance Form to your first class.

Q: Is it OK to take Mom, Body & Stroll if I’m nursing?

A: Yes. We take water breaks often to keep you hydrated and we encourage you to take extra if you need it, which is especially important for nursing mommies. Some mommies arrive to class a few minutes early to nurse their babies before the start of class to accommodate the baby’s feeding schedule and to relieve any discomfort that may be felt when exercising. If you’re worried about lactic acid build up, see this research to show it is safe for your baby.

If there are any other questions we may not have answered, please contact us at mombodystroll@gmail.com hopefully I covered everything!