I have been blessed to be a mom of two young children, Lilly age 4 and Jack age 20 months. Like other happy pregnant woman, I gained over 60 pounds with each pregnancy…ouch! I had never struggled with my weight until after my first pregnancy. It was after the birth of Lilly (almost a 10 pounder) that the ever changing task of being a new mother, well, quite frankly, humbled me. Everything had changed. I learned firsthand the unique challenges moms face, experiencing all the emotions and exhaustion. Trying to find time for exercise in my life had almost seemed impossible. I felt like I barely had enough energy for my daily motherhood duties, let alone to exercise! Let’s face it, it WIPES you out!


I, like most women had been extremely active throughout my life and to be quite honest, staying fit and working out was more than a hobby for me, it was a way of life. I felt I was no longer able to live that lifestyle. I was no longer able to eat whatever I wanted and not think about weight because I wasn’t burning any of those calories anymore. When I finally felt like I had enough energy for a workout, I couldn’t go to a gym because I wasn’t prepared to leave my child with anyone I didn’t know. Furthermore, all gyms have a policy that the infant needs to be 3 months old before you can bring them to the daycare. To be completely honest, I am an outdoor kind of girl and with that said I really wanted to be outside with her not only for me but especially for her. I wanted her getting fresh air without the risks of catching a cold from other toddlers in a confined daycare. How was I ever going to get back in shape I thought??


This is when I realized I needed to find something that allowed myself time to workout with Lilly in tow. We lived in NYC at the time. One morning while walking through Central Park, I encountered a group of mothers, just like me, all working out together, incorporating their children and of course, their STROLLERS! I immediately signed up for the workout group, and within several classes had regained not only my self-confidence but MY MIND, MY BODY and MY SOUL!
Within three months after starting these amazing workouts I had lost the added baby weight and regained the strength I had always prided myself on. Four months later I was back to running full force and on my way to Scotland. I competed in The West Highland Way, a 100 mile run through the Scottish Highland. With Lilly and my husband cheering me on!


A year later, baby Jack arrived and so did the evolution of MOM, BODY and STROLL!!
You can get you back! Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!


MOM, BODY and STROLL founder Kimberly D’Arcy has been actively engaged in health and fitness pursuits for over 20 years. Her competitive career has included over 15 years of running Marathons, Ultras and Stage Races followed by 5 years of triathlon specializing in Olympic, half-Iron-man and completing 2 Lake Placid Iron Man races. She also completed the Sea to Summit Race, and SOS. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, biking and running.


She began her personal training and coaching career while studying Physical Education and Health at Adelphi University in 1995. While Personal Training, she designed and instructed sports-specific conditioning classes for triathlon, distance running, spinning, and weight training. Through these classes she coached dozens of first-time marathoners and triathletes across their first finish lines!


Since starting her personal training and coaching, her portfolio includes:

  • Several first Time Triathletes.

  • Many Children with a variety of goals.

  • Several marathon runners.

  • Several first-time Iron-man athletes.

  • Many adults with a variety of goals.


  • ISSA Personal Training Certification

  • Strollercize USA

  • Johnny G Spin

  • Pre and Post Natal Cert..

  • CPR/AED  adult and child certified